Weaving a story across platforms.

We decided social media needed its own page because the social media world is so vast. However we truly believe that effective and successful social media occurs when you cannot see where traditional PR ends and social media starts.

A beautiful and seamless blend of the two is what You Say. I Say. We Say. strives for. Blogs, online competitions seeded via Twitter or Facebook, creating a community across multiple platforms, responding to 24hour news, market research, user generated content, newsletters... We could go on - but you get the picture.

Street creds.

As self-confessed social media geeks, we get really excited by effective social media and sometimes tear our hair out when our peers get it a bit wrong. We believe we're ahead of the curve, the early adopters if you like, and we would love to weave our magic for you. Basically we love a good natter and interacting with people is what we do best. We've delivered a competition with High School Musical 3 where thousands of schools uploaded a prom performance to win a choreography master class with Kenny Ortega and we've organised a Twelve Days of Christmas marketing campaign for Fork Magazine, and most things in between.