One in two billion...

According to Social Media Today over two billion people across the globe are using social media.

For me it feels like sharing aspects of ourselves online has been a part of our lives forever. It is easy to forget that this industry is still extremely new. Well-known platforms are still growing and shifting whilst new channels are continuously emerging. It has seen numerous changes and fads occurring. Different social media platforms are becoming permanent players in the market whilst others who can’t keep up are no longer popular.

For example Instagram has become an increasingly popular platform. I have seen a lot of companies use it to advertise different products their company offer. Here at You Say we use it to establish a connection with our audience as they see a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ glance at the work we do. Other business use it share their products directly to their target market by photo sharing and perhaps using a certain hashtag for example #Bristol. Instagram now has a large community of three hundred million users, and capturing your market on Instagram can make a change to your business.

Periscope is one of the most recent social media platforms and I believe is set to take off in 2016. Through videos people get to see directly into a persons or businesses life, the big difference? It’s live streamed.  Why do I think this will help a business? One particular live stream I regularly watch is done almost daily. Two members of staff go around their offices discussing what’s been happening and asking colleagues for any insider knowledge on different topics. This may not seems in a sense entertaining but this gives their audience an insight into the lives of the people that create the content they are reading. For me it’s this personal live experience that keeps me coming back to their businesses products.

Pinterest is also a social media channel on the rise. During my internship at You Say I was contributing to a client’s Pinterest page. This helped me to gain an insight into why Pinterest is used by different companies. Pinterest acts as a kind of inspiration board for users, however as a business learning to harness this creativity is essential. Establishing your business on Pinterest allows you to share what kind of ideas and products your company wants to put across to your community.

New and old social media channels have differing functions and some similarities. However, a successful social media network needs a function that is appealing and useful to its audience relying on the freshness of the idea necessarily deem it a success.

Post by Meaghan Crancher