Just 90 seconds...

Working at You Say over this past month has made me recognise a few different things about businesses and their brands.

According to CCI Colour (http://www.ccicolor.com/) “it takes ninety seconds for someone to form an opinion of a brand”. This may seem like such a fleeting moment of time but if we really think about the way in which we perceive businesses and their brands it is unsettlingly true. We are very superficial at times.

Although a lot of our opinion is formed on the way a brand looks it is not the only player in the equation. 

Many companies are undergoing digital transformations and becoming increasingly aware that in order to be successful they need to start speaking a digital language whilst also appealing to their target market. Digital literacy is something that businesses can struggle with especially those that have not yet made the transition to the online world.

Allowing yourself to recognise that you may need some outside help, such as the You Say agency, to deal with this is the first step. Even with this new technology one thing remains the same, your brand or business needs a narrative. The You Say, I Say, We Say agency can offer a business numerous solutions to your communications and public relations problems.

Being responsive on social media sites and on your businesses website has become increasingly important. Connecting with your audience with something they can relate to can be the difference between a success and a failure. Some of the clients I have worked with during my time at You Say have had good stories behind their brand but allowing us to establish their brand and story digitally has made all the difference.

Working at You Say I have been able to see the transformation of a business’s communications first hand. Making sure you make full use of those ninety seconds and beyond is You Say’s expertise.