Education is Key

When I left school it was in the midst of the aftermath of the recession. This meant that a lot of people I knew who had not planned to got to University found it difficult to find a job and even harder to find apprenticeship schemes. I found recent ecent research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) really interesting. They have found that companies are investing more into apprenticeships. This allows school leavers who have not gone to University to be able to establish themselves within a company whilst helping them to gain different work skills.

CIPD suggest that companies are now more likely to invest their interests in apprenticeships because of the diversity of people who are looking for employment. Many companies have realised that they need to think about the skills that they will need future employees to have. Therefore, equipping young people with these skills now will help succession planning and the future of the business.

This is great news for young people who are completing their school education and are looking to gain more practical skills. Although, the academic ability of young people is extremely important it is also vital that they have the opportunity to gain skills that will enable them to progress in a working environment.

Following on from this research that I read about this week it made me think about young people who do not even get the chance to receive an education. Going to school is important as I believe it helps children to establish routine, relationships and goals. Recently, I was made aware of the international charity A World at School campaign #UpForSchool. In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Development goals promised that by 2015 all children who were out of education would gain access to it. The #UpForSchool petition has now over eight million signatures; an amazing level of support for an important campaign.

Young people deserve the chance to an education and to be able to put what they learnt into practice whatever vocational route they go down.   

Till next time - Meaghan