What's data got to do with comms?

You may well ask, but in my view it has eveything to do with comms and more succinctly to do with successful comms.

I was reading a blog on the Drum as I do when I have five minutes: It's here by the way. And it struck a chord with me. I am increasingly becoming a bit of a data and demographics nerd.

My agency was pitching for a client recently. We didn't win as she went with someone 'cheaper' *sighs* but when trying to gather information from the prospective client about their product we asked about data and surprisingly it was rather thin on the ground.

Data is vital to comms in so many ways... be it data on sales or demographics or data from your social media platforms - or if you are lucky then all of that stuff. It is gold dust for comms and creatives as it gives baselines for that all important ROI, it helps flag the target audience and in turn the right tone of voice or place you should be pointing your comms.

The opinion piece on the Drum was likening using data as a Sherlock Holmes story; his creative mind solved the crime but he trawled through masses of data to do it. One is hand in hand with the other.

So get your microscopes out and soak up all the data you can and it might lead to an elementary success.