Year of the Sheep - bleatings

It seems apt as I sit at my desk at peaking at the Bristol harbourside, as the sun glistens on the water, that it is not only the weekend of the launch of the newest Aardman Epic - Shaun the Movie but it is almost the year of the sheep. Though I think in China it is year of the Goat, Ram or Sheep.

Sheep / Goats all the same kinda thing....

You Say Agency is based at Aardman Animations in Bristol, it has been a fabulously inspiring place to work, not just alongside some other fabulous creative businesses but to be able to hop on the river taxi for meetings and walk around the waterfront at lunchtime.

We took quite a while to find our office space, we have blogged before that we didn't want a uniform square box in an non-descript office block. But we wanted to be in the city limits. We wanted to be with like minded creatives. We know we have landed on our feet here, the Halloween parties are legendary!

The Western New Year kinda passes me by, or is more of a personal calendar entry - like a birthday. The Chinese New Year feels more grounded and as a Rabbit (apparently) this is going to be a good year for me!

I'm off to a little celebration for the launch of the film, see I told you it was a great place to work! Have a nice weekend all & happy New Year!