Smiling's my favourite....

For anyone who knows their Christmas films you may know this is a line from Elf. Which is the best Christmas film ever - fact.

It is also how I end the year, and who doesn't love smiling. As I come to the end of another year as the owner of a PR agency I still smile that we are celebrating another year, albeit that means another tax return.

2015 has been a fabulous year and a great mix of new clients, returning ones and a few that had us around all year! Having looked back at last Christmases blog a theme is developing as again this year as we are looking forward to welcoming some new clients in early 2016. We are also cooking some plans to expand the agency into new areas of work. Exciting stuff and I am rubbish at keeping a secret so look out for news early next year.

All it leaves me to do is to wish you and yours a happy Christmas and a fabulous new year. Special thanks to Claire, Holly and Meaghan who joined You Say Agency this year to bring skills and experience to my team.

We are off in search of snow, which definitely means leaving the country this year!

Emma x