An autumn of content

Wow... I've just ordered Christmas cards. How did that happen?

October and November have flown, again. I still haven't found a way of making time slow down or clone myself in two, Holly and Meaghan have been invaluable. I also have some CVs to look at this weekend for a new intern.

October saw us out meeting new clients and pitching for exciting work but also trying to carve out some time for proper business development. Having worked with The Soil Association for over two years my contract ended in September following the Government's removal of some school food funding early. It was a surprise but luckily coincided with an extended trip to France and gave me some space to review just what You Say Agency does.

I came back knowing I needed a mentor and some business development focus. My agency has been lucky (good?) and not needed to do prospecting or a great deal of networking as work has come to us via recommendations, word of mouth and repeat clients. But I realised I need to be ready for that to not happen, leaving the Soil Association contract was a great opportunity to refocus. I applied to the Diversity Fund for a Creative Skillset Bursary, supported by The Represent Network and the fantastic Liz Gadd. I am now working on future proofing my little agency and planning for an autumn of discontent - just in case.

This autumn we supported Table of Delights with PR for their Bristol and London runs which was a huge honour and great to work with Claire Thompson.

Then we had a call from the guys at Behaviour Change who we worked with on the School Food Plan in 2014. They have a fab programme that needs some comms in 2016 and delighted to say they have chosen us to work with!

When in the big smoke a couple of weeks ago to plan the Behaviour Change work we were also at Clarence House for a meeting with Waitrose and The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation as I am back with the Soil Association. I couldn't be more thrilled as it is to manage the comms for Innovative Farmers, part of the Duchy Future Farming Programme.

It's been a busy couple of months, I just got used to time to do BD and a business marketing plan and we are now super busy into 2016. It is a lovely place to be but I don't take it for granted.

Over and out for now

Emma & team You Say