Why do bits matter?

BBC appoints snappy dressing father-of-three to top job*

*Headline of a Telegraph story, seen... NEVER!

Why has the media gotten their knickers in a bit of a twist over gender again? Yes I did say knickers not boxers or Y fronts. Seems even the Telegraph are at it, not just the usual suspects, with a headline of: 'Mother of three poised to lead the BBC'.

This comes hot on the heels - pun intended - of the Daily Mail's shambolic reporting of the reshuffle, with its headline of 'Queen of the Downing Street Catwalk'. It doesn't get any better with another piece where the new MPs were unveiled a la Daily Mail and called "Cameron's Cuties". Both pieces give much more copy space to the fashion choices of the women than their politics or business acumen which will hopefully help them steer our country.

Can you imagine if that was the way any paper or broadcast media reported a man getting a top job? Would people wonder if he can be a good father and 'juggle'? Would we even care where his suit came from and if he coordinated it all well? Like hell we would - I would want him to do a good job and be given support from his employer to make parents evening.

So can we quit with the footnoting of a woman having kids or being on-trend or mismatching her shoes and just judge a book by the contents and not its cover?