A little apology

A little apology for not keeping the blog all ship shape...

Fantastically it has been a really busy month for the agency and we've been trying to keep the work-life-balance and no that isn't a reference to the football. Apart from having Germany in the office sweepstake that is passing us by too.

We've been busy with new client Fertility Focus following a fabulous media splash!

Talking of splashes - we joined The Clifton Lido this month too. A space for meetings and creative thinking. It seems to be working already...

We've been creatively thinking for another new client - the Organic Herb Trading Co. I probably had their mint in my Lido tea as they supply herbs, spices and botanicals to the likes of Pukka and Neal's Yard.  We are working collaboratively with the client - always the best way to work - on a new style guide, tone of voice and some secret squirrel stuff.

So here's to an equally busy summer, now it has finally decided to make an appearance.