From Bristol with love

Who would have thought that an invention 'conceived' in Bristol by two vets in the wake of foot and mouth would evolve into a fertility monitor for women - to help accurately track ovulation.

That is exactly what happened with OvuSense, developed by our client Fertility Focus after the veterinary device was patented by Bristol University's Tony Knowles and Andy Butterworth. They invented a temperature monitor for cows as a possible way of preventing healthy cows in contamination zones being killed back in 2001. The invention wasn't viable but the technology was patented for human use and developed by Fertility Focus, going through medical development and trials.

Fertility is still quite a taboo subject and many women clearly want to feel in control of their pregnancies and find out as much as possible yet as many as 70% of women don't ovulate in the middle of the month, when we think we do leading to upset and time delays around being referred by your GP, which can leave many women feeling confused and out of control.

Earlier in the Spring we commissioned a survey of 1000 women on-behalf of Fertility Focus as we felt it wasn't just women who are worried about fertility issues who would like to be able to accurately know when they are ovulating but women who want to plan their lives and ultimately their babies. We wanted to know some of the motivators and get OvuSense in the discussion around these issues.

The coverage has been great, from nationals like the Daily Mail, Metro and Daily Express to Netmums and Mother and Baby online.

As a September baby, which came out as the most popular time of year to have a baby I think the research is really interesting, as women become more career focused and independent it makes sense that having a baby is something planned.