Open for business

The fact I am from Cornwall won't have escaped you, if you have followed You Say Agency on Twitter or had a wander around our website, I mention it often enough.

I have been upset and at sometimes angry at the images beaming out of my TV and flowing from my social media feed. Apart from kind words to friends who have had businesses washed away and booking a break in Mousehole in March I didn't know what more I could do.

That was until I saw the hashtag #openforbusiness and then a week or so later a tweet from CIPR South West chair - Sarah Pinch, asking for comms people to support Maureen McAllister, the one woman miracle behind the social media campaign to show the South West was trading and in need of our custom.

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I don't mix politics and business, don't worry I haven't gone all Russell Brand on you but I don't like how the Flood Tourism has left a bitter taste in my mouth or how it seems that the Somerset Levels were hung out to dry, if only, for several weeks after Christmas.

What I do 'do' is action, it is easy to sit in my dry home and say what a shame it is, but it is actually quite easy to reach out and help too.

Which is why, as of today, I am part of team #openforbusiness. I encourage you to get involved too if you are in comms - they will need help for a few weeks yet.

If you can't help with the comms that the South West may need once the media have packed up and gone I appeal to you, beg you even, to still go on that day trip to the coast, still book that romantic break to Dorset or that family Easter break to Devon.

What the South West needs more than ever is your support. Many towns and villages are completely unaffected, many who are affected are already brushing themselves off and working hard and what they need is customers.

I'll post again in a few weeks and update but in the meantime why not follow @SouthWestUK and if you are out and about in the South West tweet them using the hashtag #openforbusiness.