Hybrid mind

It's exciting to think that You Say I Say We Say, or You Say Agency has been running for nearly a year now. We've learned loads and feel really proud of what we have achieved in the last year.

In that time I have met and introduced myself to countless people, through networking and pitching for work but also new friends and my boyfriend owns a pub (yeah, I did well right!) so there are always new people to get acquainted with. I would guestimate that at least 50% of the time when I say I run my own business in communications they go on to ask me what that means.

It's a good question but it is one I answer a little differently every time. Often it can simply be because I have been working on a certain piece of work or for a certain client I'll say Social or PR or Corporate Affairs. But in truth I think the days are gone where a brand or a client wanted or even needed five or six different agencies to do linear tasks.

I think the next decade will see the growth of the hybrid agency. Fueled by a variety of reasons this will  in my view, mean that one agency will be brought in to deliver an integrated approach. Partly fueled buy tighter margins, partly fueled by an online 24 hour generation where advertising has to work across social and so on.

Now some may argue this is a bad idea, too many fingers in too many pies or an agency over committing, but I think the model we operate at You Say Agency and I know a fair few London agencies operates is a safe one as far as client spend and delivery on a brief. Not to mention a clear message to the audience.

I don't see a line between social and PR, for the marketing mix and POS to work it has to fit with the online tone of voice. SEO and PPC has to have the same demographic target as above the line advertising and traditional PR and celeb endorsements can knit it all together. I believe this can only bring benefits to a client, less chance of a campaign fracturing and a whole lot less account management.

Hence the term Hybrid, all the different components work together or sometimes at different stages over a period of time to produce the same end result.

Now here at You Say Agency we aren't Jack's of all trades. We like to think of ourselves at masters of knowing what we do well and managing an overall project but bringing in experts - such as designers to work alongside the You Say Agency ethos, you just won't see the gap.