What's ahead in 2015 - PR trends

No one has a crystal ball, so we can't really say how PR will change as we head into a new year, the year of the Sheep I believe, but we can look at trends and what the guru's think is likely.

Content is not only King, it's the Queen too - 2015 will be all about content, even more than 2014, with shrinking traditional media and digital growing more and more content is the start and end point and should be the first thing you consider as you devise your campaign. Blogs, Vlogs, Infographics, Images, Social Networks are just some of the content you need to have in your media pack these days

Visuals - Part of content but it is vital to be slick at this. National Newspapers now spend more time on their online editions than their print in many ways. They have digital journalists, headlines need to be keyword enabled, and they will bite your hand off for good quality video content or graphics. This is set to grow in 2015.

Not the death knell of good writing - Don't think that all the ideas for digital content mean it is the end of the road for the good old fashioned pen or keyboard. Traditional media is still a vital part of any campaign, and with shrinking staff on newsdesks and trade press well written content will go far.

Get to know your customers not audience - to us audience sounds too vast and impersonal (picture standing on a stage and not connecting with people one to one). With all the analytics out there it is easier than ever to know your customer, spend time working out who they are and the places they frequent. Gone are the days when it was a numbers game. Rather than having more followers than the competition or more people signed up to your newsletter aim for a smaller number with a higher interaction level.

Not always the best things in life are free - 2015 is likely to be the year when we all have to accept that the platforms we used for free are unlikely to deliver us the reach we are used to without some spend attached. Again, by getting to know your core customer really well you'll be able to be smart with any spend you make.

We are sure there are more but we'll see how these predictions play out in 2015.

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