TFI Friday

Is it me or did someone speed the world up a bit? Easter seems like it was a few weeks ago... I can't believe I am planning our Christmas Doooo (why did I ever offer - yes I know I offered - to do that?)

I was asked today, over a lovely lunch with a client, about how I have built my portfolio and how business was. It just made me stop and think and be grateful for the last 20 or so months. I have been really fortunate, I won't say lucky as it is down to several things and I am not sure any are luck.

I think I have been:

  • In the right place at the right time
  • Reaping the reward of strong relationships in the past
  • Established my niche and gained referrals
  • Honest about what I can and cannot do
  • Flexible
  • Have a couple of brilliant freelancers I can bring in to bolster my team & skill base

I have added a variety of work to my portfolio since I set up in early 2013, some of it is contracting, some of it is full agency support, some is freelancing and I think that helps me continue to be rounded and learn. Some of the people I work for are very definitely clients and some are more part-time colleagues and I go into their offices to work on specific projects.

A couple of projects may be coming to an end around the same time and I can see that on the horizon, it makes for an exciting time. It is one of the reasons I set up my own business and became the Chief Sayer of You Say Agency, I am taking some time over December to map out where next and what sectors I want to work in. That is a thrilling prospect you just don't get when you are an employee. Now if I can just slow the clock down a little?