An award winning chapter and The Story

Today seems the perfect day to celebrate a new client win for The You Say Agency. Winning seems to be in the water as our new client The Story did a little winning of their own last night. By winning not one but two Soil Association organic food awards


Based  in Somerset, the business is called The Story because the group of  farmers behind it want people to know the story behind the meat they  eat. Luke, Jim, Bill and Emma are passionate about creating great  tasting organic food, respecting the animals and the environment. They  also believe only good things can come out of localised supply chains.  Alongside the environmental saving, they strengthen communities and the local economy. It’s a positive story for everyone involved.

On   winning the awards Luke Hasell said "We are over the moon to have not just won Gold but the overall category award. Not just because it gives   us something to celebrate but because it recognises that by farming  sustainably and ethically we can produce food that is of the highest  quality and is good for the land and good for our customers."

You Say Agency have been brought on board to support The Story with marketing, PR and social media. Emma Heesom, Chief Sayer said today "I am really chuffed The Story chose You Say. I Say. We Say. Passionate about food and the environment we are really looking forward to telling the story behind The Story as it is a beautiful one to tell. Watch this space."