If we all make a Small Change...

Last week was a busy one as we took in; Leeds Festival, (muddy), was part of an intimate and beautiful wedding (emotional) and put the final touches to a piece of work we've been creating on behalf of our client The Soil Association (exciting).

We'll post more about the campaign over the next four weeks as it is rolled out, but as you can imagine, we are a tad excited as today is 1st September and it is launch day! 

The simple campaign, routed in behaviour change and social marketing that we know so well, is centered around all of us as individuals switching something this September to organic. Whatever is important to you is a good place to start, so that one small change could be organic milk. If you did that along with other people then we could be happy knowing the cows were grass fed, grazed outdoors on pesticide-free land and were subjected to far less antibiotics. Or maybe it would be moisturiser for your children? Using organic means you know it is free of nasties like parabens.

On the Soil Association website will be hints and tips, a recipe a day and some cracking competitions so get yourself over for a peek. 

We haven't decided our change yet, as we have switched to a veg box and organic milk already since we started working on the campaign. But maybe it will involve seeking out organic gin?