It's good to talk - the art of communication

It often tickles me, ok not literally but figuratively speaking, that people email each other across an office or will send a long email chain back and forth to book an appointment rather than pick up the phone.

So when I saw a piece in the Metro recently that one in ten people never make a call from the office and 20 per cent never use a pen I was crying into my cuppa. No the irony isn't lost on me - I am writing this into a blog. But I think I may get arrested if I grab a megaphone and go and stand by the SS Great Britain near the YouSay office.

The research was from the University of Warwick Business School, it is an interesting read and concludes that as tech in the workplace increases productivity hasn't kept up.

The wider concern for me is the lost art of communication and choosing the right tool to communicate. Like the person who emails across the office or sends an email to thank someone rather than a letter or card. I think we are loosing the skill of good communication.

Hats off to 10 Yetis, a PR agency based in Gloucester, who send little thank you cards and old fashioned sweets, in return for tweets. It is a great way of saying thanks and also getting them some great brand profile on social media (though I haven't had mine yet... sobs).

Next time someone goes the extra mile for you or you hover over send and you can actually see the person you are emailing then stop and go retro... pick up the phone or do it face to face. It feels good! Try it.