Too many tweets makes a....

Famously our Prime Minister said in 2009 that 'too many tweets might make a tw@*' and perhaps understandably it took him almost three years from that infamous radio interview to dip his toe into twittersphere and start tweeting himself.

As you may expect our man at Number 10 got a bit of stick when he did finally get a Twitter Profile, or his communications aides finally got clearance. Whichever, this article shows what backlash he got - damned if he did and damned if he didn't really.

Dave now has 250,000 followers, he has a little to go to catch Boris Johnson with 637,000 and a long way to go to catch President Obama with nearly 8 Million.

Also our PM could do well to have a look at both Boris & Barack's Twitter profiles as our PM can often go more than seven days between tweets, whereas Barack tweets an average of 15 tweets a day, he also mixes it up with re-tweets of things he likes and engages his followers on his policies. It seems our PM is using Twitter as a bit of a one way dissemination not a conversation/mobilisation tool.

Maybe the reason that the Prime Minister has relatively few followers is down to the Conservatives being in a different place politically but even though Boris can sometimes go two or three days without Tweeting he does #askboris sessions meaning he has nailed the two-way interaction. So it can't be an anti-Conservative thing. Hmmm.

You could argue that as Pres Obama is America's leader there are bound to be more followers, but Boris Johnson has two and a half times more than David Cameron. To me the interaction with followers, or lack of it in David Cameron's case, is key.

So Dave, if you are reading this, Twitter isn't a one way dissemination tool. You can really use it to engage with the public. President Obama has a clever way of his staff running his account, he signs off personal Tweets with bo. It is really up front and I like that.

Otherwise too few Tweets could actually make you a Tw@*.