A picture speaks 1,000 words - photos and PR

A recent PR Week story focussed on the rising power of an image to tell, or sell a story. I can't disagree, but I have always felt that photography is an essential part of any PR campaign.

Launching a Christmas blood donor campaign at Hamley's in London a few years ago, it was all about the image when I came up with the PR strategy. If I am honest that is why I involved the gorgeous & generous Yasmin Le Bon, I knew an image with her and some children who's lives were saved by blood donations would get me 10 or 100 times the coverage of a story without her. Blimey the story still comes up on a Google search over a decade later!!

What is interesting about this piece is that the type of image seems to be evolving, be it Obama tweeting a behind the scenes image of him and his wife with #fourmoreyears or user generated content by Hunter Wellies or Lego the days of the line 'em up and shoot 'em press call seem to be, thankfully, long gone. Images are more relaxed, more emotional, allowing the reader to feel included.

The piece goes on to give really great tips on how to get your shot used. You still can't expect an image shot on your smart phone will cut the mustard, no matter how smart it is. Also good to be reminded that putting in the hours on a Sunday could reap benefits.

I, for one, am glad the photo led story is merely evolving, as someone who probably tweets or blogs an image a day, I can't wait to see more user generated PR.