Social Media - how much is too much?

In the past week I've seen a Guardian story questioning if it is good manners to tweet a picture of your lunch. Then there was the Telegraph vote and comment piece about the top 10 most irritating social media updates.

The irony isn't lost on me that the Telegraph vote has been re-posted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and alike over 5,000 in less than 24 hours and has over 3,500 votes. With cryptic status writers occupying the top spot at the moment. So it is creating an online debate on the very platforms people are fuming about.

It begs the question - what do people want to use Twitter and Facebook or Digg for if the most common uses are such a faux pas? Isn't the very success of the dozen or more social media platforms the sharing of news and experiences? To share news of a new baby or to use Instagram to take a picture of a beautiful sunset?

Apart from the checking-in and the sporty updates I've been guilty most of the top 10 at one time or another. I do share meals out sometimes, but mainly on a food Twitter I have so if you sign up for that the clue is in the avatar and profile. I love the fact that Facebook helps plug the geographical gap between friends and family dotted around the world and it doesn't take more than a few clicks to filter out the endless game requests if they aren't your thing.

Personally I think it is a bit arse about face to be kicking back on social media. But perhaps both articles have a point for us all? If we set our filters, manage our groups then we keep the irritation to a minimum.

Ultimately we can all unfollow the crowd.