How often should I be updating social media?

I have a confession to make, I have broken one of my own rules..

I have been 'too busy' to blog. This is what I get told all the time by colleagues, clients and non-comms people. Now there is a bit lax, the category I probably fall into, and then there is awful.

The reason I think it should be a rule?

If you have a blog, news pages or twitter feed on your website and someone new looks at your site in my opinion it gives a negative first impression if those elements aren't up to date. And those first impressions count don't they?

Yes, I have slapped my own hand on this one as I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks! But I haven't sent myself to the naughty step as my twitter has been constant.

As a general rule I think you should tweet when you have something to say, just run through in your head and ask 'if I was sat across from a couple of my twitter followers would I say this out loud?

Then comes the next rule if you pass the first one, is it relevant? It may be funny to you that someone has run into Tesco dressed as a Pantomime cow and 'died' in the frozen food aisle but will your followers. Is it appropriate?

Great, finally to get traction and grow followers it is a good idea to mix it up and re-tweet things you found appropriate and think your followers would too.

All in all that probably comes to a minimum of 2 - 3 tweets a day on average.

As for blogging, to grow your online presence, which should be your motivation if you are blogging commercially I suggest once a week as a minimum  and if you can get to two - three times a week you will be on track to really gain presence in bloggersphere.

Finally we have those pesky news pages, if you only write news once a month or less I would strongly suggest using your blog/journal as your communications tool and put any 'news' there too. News needs to be current. Imagine if you were a potential client and the last 'news' post you found on someone's site was three or four months old you may think that they aren't up to much work-wise or you may think that their attention to detail is a bit below par so you may not contact them for work.