Mind the gap

I was at the fantastic RWA Reigning Cats and Dogs tweetup/launch this week and was jumping for joy to see a brilliant example of using social media as a PR tool and integrating it beautifully. Taking a picture in a gallery made me feel like a naughty school girl, but we were actively encouraged to and then upload it to a hashtag competition. It was a genius way of promoting the launch, engaging with the Twitter savvy audience and I am pleased to say it was all sent out in a press release too!

I worry that different types of agencies are looking like they are squabbling over their toys a bit when it comes to social media. I can understand why, as there are clear lines between web gurus owning coding and direct mail houses owning snappy tri-fold full-colour leaflets that land on my doorstep but social media is such a grey area either everyone or no one owns it.

That shouldn't matter, if a design agency wants to offer social media, and has the skills to deliver then great, as the skills they should have would encompass a risk strategy and tone of voice - which is the stuff us PR and Marketing led agencies do as second nature.

What sometimes seems to get overlooked in the stampeed to say you are LinkedIn or have just blogged to promote this or that for a client is what your own site looks like. I have seen lots of sites that come under the wide communications umbrella, and sell social media as a service, that haven't blogged for nearly a year or don't have social media buttons.

Mid the gap people, get your own house in order and then come and play, with things like Vine coming to the market this week I am sure there are enough toys to go around if we all play nicely.