The year of the horse

With the winter solstice just passed the nights will eek out light as we head into 2014. According to Chinese Astronomy the year of the Horse will be a year full of true spirit, grit, determination, vitality and endurance.

That resonates with me as I think back to 2013 and the journey the You Say Agency has taken. We were created in early 2013, a leap of faith and tenacity in the face of adversity. Or that is how it felt at the time. Late nights thinking of business names, tone of voice and planning strategies.

Spring came and we began to flourish. Previous clients took us on, aware of how we could deliver and we were very grateful. Early summer saw us asked to lecture to students at Exeter University and our new client base grew stronger. We felt lucky that we were able to stay true to what we set up to be, a small and flexible business designed to work with mainly food and drink or environmental businesses.

We were building strong foundations whilst reaching out to new clients - and winning them. We learned so much. About our trade but also about ourselves.

So as most people take two weeks out to chill and recharge we are doing a bit of that but also using the time to think about 2014. We have a fabulous new client onboard that will keep us busy as we head into January and a fantastic competition with Aardman Animations on behalf of our retained client The Soil Association.

It feels like we are a little ahead of the pack, or herd of horses as we have been practicing determination, vitality and grit in 2013 but we know it's a marathon not a sprint and our spirit for being an adaptable, reliable and passionate boutique agency will shine out more in 2014

Now let's jump on that horse and canter into 2014.