Do sweat the small stuff

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff - Is a phrase now embedded in the urban dictionary, you can find this phrase as a title to a book, on beautiful posters and often uttered when people are trying to tell you to give yourself a break. 

Truth is; I don't always agree. Especially not when it comes to running a new business, whatever that business may be or actually especially in the trade I ply - communications. 

If you don't sweat the small stuff then who will? Who will have the attention to detail you need to deliver a client a polished press release full of pithy content and drizzled in key messages? Who's going to remind me to pay the National Insurance or order more business cards?

No one, that is who.  

So as well as looking at the big picture, being mindful and strategic too you do need to sweat the small stuff as the devil is in the detail.