A new home

Finding a home for the You Say Agency has been troublesome. In communications we need to be out there meeting people. But we could have easily done that from an identikit box in anytown. We also wanted to be with creative people. We want people to be able to walk to see us, but be able to use the car or public transport. We are also only too aware that we can't run before we can walk in terms of big scary lease agreements and swanky pads.

We thought we had found somewhere, an urban arts collective, but it fell through sadly. It would have been very rough round the edges but it was smack bang in the middle of Bristol and would have been full of new start-ups who were super creative. Textile artists, web designers, jewellery makers and us.

So the search resumed, fed up of having meetings in coffee shops and using our spare rooms as a base we really wanted to be true to our original brief and wanted more of a studio feel.

Then out of the blue a little birdy Tweeted us to say they'd read a Tweet about our original place falling through and they thought they knew the perfect place. And do you know what? It is amazing.

Our new home is the fantabulous Ardman Studios. We're in a nice big airy room with a couple of other small businesses, which is perfect.

When you come over for a cuppa you can say Hi to Wallace and Gromit too.
 Don't be a stranger!