Lady fate?

I am really taking advantage of the time I have had on recent snow days to just surf around the net. I've been checking out the competition, yes you over there on t'interweb, I have been brushing up on some skills and generally immersing myself in my world.

I posted recently that I didn't think I was an entrepreneur but wasn't sure what to call myself. One thing I am sure of though is that as a woman I am in a minority as a start-up and in the broad creative world men dominate too. In communications specifically I would say women are in the majority, just.

On one of my whistle-stop tours of the world wide web I came across Find a token woman and then I bounced on to SheSays. It must be fate. No? To find a site with a name so similar to mine and with so many of my personal ethics and desires all on these sites.

I've been in touch with the London SheSays and you'll see the widget proudly displayed on my website now. I'll hopefully do regular posts as I make contact with the group and the women involved. I would be delighted to mentor and I think we all know we have weaknesses in our armory that would benefit from a bit of help. So I have reached out to find me a Momma.