What's in a name - defining what I am

I am not sure if Richard Branson or Richard Reed (hmm... maybe I need to change my name to Richard) found the first few weeks of starting a business all consuming. But that is where I am right now.

Someone called me an entrepreneur the other day, I liked it but I am not sure I am. Communications isn't new. Goodness communication is a basic life skill. I think of entrepreneurs as people who create things that no one else has though of, or maybe they shake up an industry. Ok so I may try and do that a bit. I think of people like Tom Lawton as entrepreneurs as Tom invents things.

This thing about what to call myself has been puzzling me. I have been working on my printed resources, getting terribly absorbed in fonts and Pantone colours but I am struggling with the line under my name and above my new company name.

My company name came about relatively easily. I came up with a long list and checked they didn't already exist. Then I discarded the really terrible ones and focus tested the shortlist. Over a particularly good cup of coffee with two friends; writer and theatre designer Richard Aslan and Chris Gylee we stumbled across what is my name, a reworking of one of the most popular shortlist of names.

But what to call myself? Entrepreneur doesn't sit right. CEO sounds too much like I am pretending I have an empire. Director is possibly selling myself short. Founder? Owner? Chief Sayer?

I feel another focus group coming on.